One of my mom’s pet peeves was food stamps going for junk food.

She would say, “they should take Oreos off the list and put soap and washing powder on.”

I used to agree with her until I looked at it another way. People get mad at poor people on food stamps for buying junk food, but no one else. Middle class people make poor food choices all the time but no one complains about them in the check out line. Aren’t their children also going to be malnourished?

Or does money buy you freedom? Poor people have little money…

I belong to a couple of the crochet groups on Facebook. The people there are nice and almost exclusively women. We talk about projects we’re working on and new things we’re learning and how cute Norma’s granddaughter looks in her new poncho, stuff like that. We also talk about pricing items we make that we wish to sell, or what to charge for commissioned work. Every time these subjects come up, the women asking the questions set their prices too damn low. That’s because women don’t know how to value work and particularly their own.

Women are taught from birth…


My father was a police officer. When I was little, one of our neighbors asked him was he a black man or a black cop? My father said

I'm a black man who works as a cop. And I ain't never confused.

Black voters and civic organizations worked hard to integrate police forces across this country in hopes that black officers would do right by black citizens, something many white officers were not doing.

Now we have black officers, black detectives, black police chiefs, we even have black attorneys general. But…


With the offering this month of The Help on Netflix, I thought I’d share a review I wrote at the time.


If The Help were made in a year with, say, 17 other major Hollywood movies starring black actors, would it be problematic? This query is a question I wish the reader to keep in mind as this article proceeds.

The Help is about a young white woman, freshly graduated from Ole Miss, coming home to start her career as a writer. She has an idea to write the true story of maids in Jackson, Mississippi…

America and Its Reckoning with Itself

From time to time when I was growing up, my grandmother would tell me to go in my room, or go out on the screened porch or out in the backyard and sit with myself. And I couldn't come into her company again until I was ready to be civilized. This would happen in response not to a wrong thing I'd done, we were passed that point by then, but in response to my efforts to make amends, to fix things, to make things better.

It's not enough to be sorry, even sincerely. It's…

THE MARVELOUS AND THE MUNDANE: Police, Protest, and Life in the Grand Gesture.

I have known, not necessarily in the biblical sense so mind your business, a fair number of men in my life. And like most of you, I have categorized them. And the category I want to talk about here is the Shining Knight.

You know the Shining Knight. He’s the Savior Supreme, the master of the grand gesture. Your transmission goes out, he swoops in, buys you another one or maybe even a new car. If your parent, your sibling, or you child dies, he’s right there…

A Black Woman Pissed Off (or Having a Bad White People Day Everyday)

A few thoughts


Besides declaring himself arbiter of who is and is not black, Joe Biden in his interview with Charlamagne the God also claimed that he was endorsed by the NAACP.
From their website:

"The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and does not endorse candidates or political parties, or engage in direct campaigning."

Biden has a long history of lying and getting caught in lies. See, Biden doesn't just lie about what he's gonna do. He…


This is a picture called The Thankful Poor by African American artist Henry Tanner.

It's great picture. My Gramma had a small print of it and she told me about how black people could be artists too. She spent a lot of time teaching me what I could be too.

When I think of the belief in the Virtuous Poor, this picture comes to mind. This picture and the writings of Charles Dickens. …

This Is Not Moment But a Movement

I have heard it said that Goldwater lost the 1964 election, but he won in 1980.
The same may be true of Bernie Sanders.

This election is not over and Bernie still has a chance to pull this out, but this election is but one part of a larger movement, a movement to expand the freedoms of everyday people. And movements are not captured by the moment, they instead shape the times.

Bernie Sanders has changed the dialogue. Win, lose, or draw there is no going back to the acceptance as normal and…

On Rape, Kobe, Us, and the World of Real Things

Rape is a thing in the world of real things.

Underreporting of rape due to fear and shame and a scandalizing public is a thing in the world of real things.

False rape allegations are things in the world of real things. Look at a picture of a lynching of a black man and you can hear the weeping wee voice through white woman tears whispering, "He did it. He raped me."

Teaching girls and women to bear the burden of rape prevention is a thing in the world of…

Delthea Simmons

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